Note: Once Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is activated using this method, do not use it online nor sing in to After Effects again or your serial may be revoked!

Note: This Crack will only work on the After Effects CC 2015, for other versions please go to After Effects CS6 or After Effects CC 2014

Step 1

Download After Effects CC 2015 from THIS PAGE (Not from the creative cloud!)

Step 2

Download the crack for free using one of the buttons below:

Or download for free using one of the buttons below:

And unzip it if needed.
(Newer versions of Mac will unzip automatically).

Step 3

Make sure your hosts file is clean. If you don’t know how to do this, please watch the video above.

Step 4

Make sure you’re disconnected from the internet.

Step 5

Make sure your computer’s security settings allow applications downloaded from anywhere to be opened, not only apps from the apple store. If you don’t know how to change this setting please watch the video above.

Step 6

Install and activate After Effects CC 2015 by following the instructions on the video above.



    1. esther says:


      thank you very much for this web and your help!!
      I need some help with the instalation, I have done all the steps correctly, but when, after the lunch the program Adobe ask me to sign in and I say sign in later, the instalation stops and don’t let me do the offline activation :-((( may be they have change the way to do it?

  1. AlexdeepSoup says:

    Following all the steps, no internet etc. I get to the point where I am asked to enter my serial. After entering the serial generated by keygen. I get the message “We are unable to validate this serial for After Effects CC 2015. Please contact customer support” Any advice?

    1. Admin H ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi we cannot provide support on Ae 2015, we know it works for some people but others cannot get it to work no matter what. I recommend to use the 2014 version. That one we know it works fine…

  2. John says:

    Just adding on to my last comment

    After closing and opening After effect a couple of times it tells me my serial key has be revoked which it then asks me to sign in to start my trial.

  3. Ana says:

    Hi, I did everything and all is correct offline, but when I connect the internet, adobe asks me again for the licence. Is there a solution? Thankx

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